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Midea MJ-BL2521H Blender Plastik

4 mata pisau
2 level kecepatan
Daya 250 watt
Kapasitas 1200 mL

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  RP 258,000  

Medium and medium use

Beautiful multi-function food processor

Product details

Small and exquisite

Simple and elegant

The small size can be found in the kitchen.

Product details


Soy milk

Eat well for breakfast, good spirits every day!

Product details


Fruit drink

Others become hot dogs in the hot summer days,
but I enjoy the slightest in the ice drink!

Product details


Food supplement

Fancy dishes, picky babies can also get it!

Product details


Large capacity mixing cup

1.2L large-capacity mixing cup, using AS food contact material,
does not contain bisphenol A, can squeeze 10 oranges at a time, delicious family share.
An ergonomic handle for comfortable grip.

Product details


Professional grinding cup

Equipped with a straight steel grinding knife, grinding kitchen spices (dried pepper, chili)
or nuts and other dry goods.

Product details


Strong motor

250W full copper wire powerful motor with a speed of up to 18,000 rpm.

Product details

4 leaves

Three-dimensional mixing knife

The food contact is made of stainless steel and a
4-leaf stereo stirring knife.

Product details


Micro filter

0.25mm high-density filter screen with about 50,000 filter holes on the surface for
effective filtration and delicate taste.

Product details

basic type

Brand Midea/beautiful
colour Pink
Product number MJ-WBL2521H (WBL2521H)
Power supply voltage (V) 220
Rated power (W) 250
Display method no
Gear position 1
Product Features Stirring, grinding
Mixing cup volume (ml) 1200
Grinding cup volume (ml) 1200
Meat cup volume (ml) 0
Shred slice cup volume (ml) 0
Mixing cup material plastic
Grinding cup material plastic
Ground meat cup material plastic
Shred slice material plastic
Whether with heating no
Packaging Information
Product size (mm): Length 151x wide 151x high 375
Product net weight (kg): 1.6
Packing size (mm): Length 313x wide 178x high 293
Package weight (kg): 2
packing list: Base*1, mixing cup assembly*1, filter*1, grinding cup assembly*1, manual*1
RP 318,000
RP 298,000
RP 198,000
RP 188,000
RP 648,000
RP 628,000
RP 598,000
RP 568,000

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