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Mini Energy Dimmer, Z-Wave EU

Conserve energy, save money and enjoy pleasent lightning
ambient in your automated home

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Harga Normal RP 1,900,000 Kini RP 1,815,000 Hemat RP 85,000

DESCRIPTION make your home smart www.zipato.com Zipato Mini Energy Dimmer provides variable indoor lightning, creating pleasant ambience in your home while helping you reduce overall energy consumption. This Z-Wave enabled module can be set in most existing in-wall switches where it can be used to control connected appliances, with Zipato home automation controllers, Z-Wave remotes or module’s built-in push button.

Slim, compact Z-Wave incandescent dimmer provides variable indoor lightning, switches your lightning equipment and reports their energy consumption.

Designed to dim most fluorescent, tungsten, halogen, sodium and leading edge lights

Fits into most existing in-wall switches

Resistive load 1x500W @ 220VAC, 1x300W at 120VAC

Zero-crossing switch

Reports immediate voltage, current and energy consumption

Can act as a repeater in any Z-Wave network

Very low power consumption

Easy installation

RP 1,900,000
RP 1,815,000
RP 1,850,000
RP 1,815,000
RP 2,200,000
RP 1,980,000
RP 2,100,000
RP 1,980,000

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