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Flood Multisensor 3 in 1 - FLOHUTE, Z-Wave

Zipato Flood Multisensor 3 in 1 integrates flood, temperature and humidity
sensors in one device, connected to your Z-Wave network of choice.
This device offers elaborate safety and ambient sensin

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Harga Normal RP 2,100,000 Kini RP 2,035,000 Hemat RP 65,000
Cicilan 0% Rp 339,167/Bulan 6x

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Z-Wave Plus: Yes

SmartStart Compatible: No

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Z-Wave hardware platform: SD3502

Z-Wave version: 6.51.06

Z-Wave library type: Enhanced 232 Slave

Z-Wave Device Type: Notification Sensor

Z-Wave Role Type: Reporting Sleeping Slave

Product Type ID: 0x0002

Product ID: 0x001F

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Associated Categories: Sensors

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Flood Multisensor 3 in 1 - FLOHUTE, Z-Wave

Brand Name: Zipato

Product Identifier: ph-pat02.eu

Product Version: HW: 1 FW: 1.08:01.06

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-17055614

Z-Wave Certification Date: 5/24/2017

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RP 1,815,000
RP 1,850,000
RP 1,815,000
RP 2,200,000
RP 1,980,000
RP 2,100,000
RP 1,980,000

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