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7kw Floor Standing I-Crown I GVH24AK-S3DTC5A


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  RP 36,990,000  
Cicilan 0% Rp 6,165,000/Bulan 6x
Cicilan 0% Rp 3,082,500/Bulan 12x

The Gree I-Crown I Floor Standing unit demonstrates Superior Performance in extreme temperature. It has a wide ambient operation range from -30oC to 54oC combined with a 2-stage compressor. The 110cm vertical air outlet has large circulating air volume and a wide air outlet angle which provides impressive comfort cooling and heating to any domestic and working environment. There are five ranges of fan speed and it is very quiet in operation.

PM2.5 has been the main contamination in the air, the Gree I-Crown series can remove PM2.5 efficiently to provide you with a clean and comfortable living environment. The remote controller can detect indoor temperature around personnel and automatically revert to I-Feel temperature

Indoor Dimensions: (mm) W476 x D509 x H1796

Indoor Weight: 52kg

Outdoor Dimensions: (mm) W1000 x D427 x H790

Outdoor Weight: 63kg

Cooling Capacity: 24500 Btu / 7500W

Heating Capacity: 32400 Btu / 9500W

Ambient Temperature (Cooling): (C) 18 – 52

Ambient Temperature (Heating): (°C) -7 – 24

Power Supply: 1Ph, 220-240V, 50/60Hz

Noise Level Indoor: 28 db(A)

Noise Level Outdoor: 57 db(A)

Dehumidifying Volume: 2.5 Litres per hour

EER/COP: 3.41/3.10

Pre-charge (metres): 5

Pipe Sizes (inches): ¼ + 5/8

Maximum Pipe Length: 25

Maximum Pipe Height: 10

Additional Refrigerant Charge (gpm): 50

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