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SAMSUNG - VC21K5130VB, vacuum cleaner without a dust bag, 2100/440 W

Turbine Anti-tangle
The capacity of the dust collection bag
Max. power consumption (W)
Suction Power (W)

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Easy cleaning. powerful results

New Samsung VC5100 equipped with the turbine system CycloneForce Anti-Tangle. Turbine Anti-Tangle prevents dust and debris clog the filter and prevent the passage of air, which provides constant power absorption. In addition, the turbine Anti-Tangle winding prevents hair and wool on the vacuum cleaner parts, so you no longer have to manually clean the container.

Easy cleaning. Powerful results.

Ease of use

VC5100 is very simple and easy to use. The container is easy to clean. The suction power is easy to control thanks to the management on the handle.

Ease of use

Brush Anti-Tangle

Due to the structure of Anti-Tangle brushes with separation of air flows, hair and dirt fall directly into the container without becoming entangled in schotke.

Nozzle Anti-Tangle tool¹

Dust bag is easy to clean

Thanks to the turbine Anti-Tangle You no longer need to engage in hand-cleaning, all the dirt remains in the container. You just throw her remains.

Dust bag is easy to clean

Lightweight and easy to use

Easy and convenient vacuum cleaner design allows you to quickly clean the house. The weight of the dust bag is reduced by 25% *, making it easy to move the vacuum cleaner around the house at the time of harvesting.

Lightweight and easy to use

* Compared to the Samsung VC5000.

convenient operation

Handle with remote control * is easily accessible built-in buttons. You can quickly turn on or turn off the vacuum cleaner, to select the optimum suction power without interrupting the cleaning.

* Available on models VC5100: SC21K5130VB, SC21K5150HP, SC21K5170HG.

convenient operation

Easy cleaning of various buildings

A set of "3-in-1" contains accessories for cleaning different surfaces.

Easy cleaning of various buildings

Exclusive service and support program for free


  • 6 months additional warranty.
  • Dedicated telephone line: 8-800-555-55-88.
  • Individual control of terms of service.

More about the program

* VIP-service is available when you purchase the Samsung brand stores and online store online-samsung.ru. For details on registering in the program to link http://www.samsung.com/ru/support/vipservice/

  • 2 liters ofcapacity of the dust collection bag
  • 2100Max. power consumption (W)
  • 440Suction Power (W)
  • 5.5Weight (kg)
  • dust collection
    • TypeBezmeshkovy vacuum cleaner with turbine Anti - Tangle
    • Capacitance dustbag (l)2 l
  • Characteristics
    • Max. power consumption2100 W
    • Noise level84 dBA
    • Suction power440 W
  • general information
    • Power ControlPower control on the body
    • Body colorBlue
    • The width of the cleaning area300 mm
    • Rubberized WheelYes
  • Brush
    • Basic (2-step)2-way brush NB810
  • Equipment
    • Accessory 1New "3-in-1"
  • Especially to facilitate cleaning
    • Avtosmatyvanie cordYes
    • Check filter conditionYes
    • Protect furniture from damageYes
  • Filter
    • The exhaust filterHEPA H13
    • Filter before the motorYes
  • A tube
    • Tube typeAluminum
  • physical characteristics
    • The length of the cord7 m
    • The radius of the cleaning area10.5 m
    • Dimensions (Wxhxd)294x337x450 mm
    • Size GROSS (Wxhxd)321x354x571 mm
    • Weight (kg)5.5 kg

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